"Brian is obviously a huge talent, that much is obvious from the outset, and he delivers his tunes with the utmost passion and style, and though he has fire, he tempers it wisely and doesn't display the need to wring out a million notes a minute."

"The production is top-notch, and Brian also handles all the bass, keyboards and drum programming. Fans of guitar-oriented albums will absolutely love this."

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"His melodic lead lines are very deliberately phrased, even 'conversational' in delivery - a dominant quality precluding any need for vocal accompaniment on Across the Galaxy."

"(Blue Angel) sounds tailor-made for an action film soundtrack. Again, superb chops proliferate."

Score: 13/16!

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"Recorded at Nebula's End studios in Washington state, Across The Galaxy is a monumental sounding CD debut from a hard rocking, heavy metal guitar instrumentalist on the rise."

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"What's on offer on this classic CD is a top notch production with classy guitar sounds, the sort you would expect from a Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and the ever classy Truth In shredding favourite, Dimitar Nalbantov.

All tunes sparkle with classy production, with mellifluous musical key tones, resonant rock guitars and full drums that don't overpower the classy guitar work and with guitar nestling neatly into the backing track, avoiding the possible potential shredathon issues of instrumental guitar albums."

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"Very good emphasis on melodic content rather that flash shredding placed into songs, yet also has the modern guitar ability tucked into the framework of the songs context throughout.

The quality of this album is really very good, mixed extremely well and not a boring moment in any of the songs. I should also mention harmonies, Brian has put rich harmonies in all the right places so they bring out the tracks, this does stands out.

Brian's guitar playing is really excellent, flawless and effortlessly executed, plus his rhythm tracks really are great too. I'm very sure any virtuoso guitar lover would get a buzz from this album, full of great sounding melodic songs, with a terrific sounding guitarist, playing in an instrumental rock/metal and ballad style."

"Is it possible to make music that is both melodic and technically brilliant? YES!

This album is a great listen from start to finish. Not just another shred album, Brian concentrates on songwriting, dynamics and mood. He tops that off with tasty guitar melodies.

Fans of Satriani, Vai and MacAlpine will love this album. Best thing I've heard in a long while. Check it out!!"

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