Flashback to 1989 in rainy Seattle...

When I first heard Surfing With the Alien at a friend's house in 9th grade and I instantly knew I needed to buy a guitar to make that kind of noise! My mom bought a beat-up old crappy Gibson Corvus for $150 and I started taking lessons locally. I didn't practice most of the lessons because I was too busy learning Iron Maiden, Dio and Satriani songs on my own. But the fundamentals were definitely learned and helped tremendously as I started my 4-to-6-hour-a-day practice regimen after school.

Later I learned a lot from Yngwie, Eric Johnson, and many other shredders. But I wanted to be in a vocal metal band. Throughout the 90's I continued to practice and write many ambitious rock and metal songs. I was never able to find the right singer for my material, so I decided to seek out vocal coaching from a student of the legendary Maestro Kyle. I then sang lead and played guitar in the short-lived band Sunny Sinister, but it was not to last. It seemed that the public was not ready for a renaissance of classic metal vocals yet.

Disillusioned with the vocal rock music world, I finally made a very important decision to focus on creating instrumental guitar music - always one of my favorite genres. I was soon both featured on and assisted in producing the NW Shredfest, a collection of original instrumental songs showcasing cutting edge guitarists in the area. The success of that compilation helped me to find many new friends and was a terrific experience.

I have always sought to invent new techniques and sounds of my own, and am very pleased to present my debut album.

I am now endorsed by Obbligato picks, McNaught Guitars, WCR Pickups & DR Strings.

Play it loud, play it often!